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I'm Going To Washington DC! (Bumped)

My best friend in the world, let's call her Belle, moved away to work in our nation's capital a few months ago. I've been missing her like crazy and now we have the opportunity to meet up! I've never been to DC so, GT, what should I do? What should I see?

I'll be there for a week in April so I should be able to see some cherry blossoms which would be amazing. I'd like to see the national monuments of course but I'm wondering if there are good tours for that? I love museums so I want to go to some out there but I'm not sure which ones would be best/most worth it.

Belle wants to bounce over to Colonial Williamsburg as well. I think that would be great because we are both history nerds.


So yes, help me figure out what to do in DC! It's my first time! I'm soooo excited!

****I bumped this up from last night because you all gave me such wonderful tips and advice that I thought I'd go fishing for more. Also other folks might want to see all the goodness that is happening in the comments. I won't bump again!*****

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