Yay for working and stuff!

So the other day, I was sitting on my couch thinking "I'm fucking broke. This is a problem." My boss cut hours at my job, so I'm not working as much as I'd like. I was considering just applying for another job as a receptionist or waitress or something, but the problem is I go back to school in the fall and I would have to leave one of my jobs (if I had two) once I go back. I wanted to do something freelance-esque so I could keep doing it throughout the school year, but I had zero desire to do freelance journalism again.

I was talking to my friend who tutors math to high school kids, and she was like "hey, genius, don't you have a B.A. in English?" And she's right. I completed the classes for my English major like a year ago, AND all my core classes are done. I only have 3 classes left for the journalism major, but technically speaking I have a Bachelor's in English. I just don't have the paper in my hand yet. So my friend asks "whyyyy don't you tutor English?" and I realized that's not actually a bad idea. It doesn't pay as well as tutoring math, but hey, it's something. Even $15/hour is $15/hour more than I have right now.

So that's basically what I'm going to be working on now. Might as well use that B.A. for more than wiping my ass, right? I gotta work out the logistics of it all, like up to what grade level I can tutor and such, but I'm mildly excited. I never really "taught" before so this will definitely be interesting!

Any suggestions or advice GT-ers? Any certifications I could look into getting? I know the summer is slow for tutoring in general, but I'm sure there are kids in summer school that are having trouble in their English classes. And once the school year starts up, I can totally help high school kids with studying for the SAT and shit.


Yay plans and money and stuff! Much excite, such English, WOW.