At this point, most of y'all probably know that I blog about virginity, feminism, boobs, and other stuff.

A few of you know that because of my blog, Beau Vierge and I ended up featured in the documentary How to Lose Your Virginity.

I honestly thought that being in the documentary would be the highlight of my anonymous feminist career, but apparently I haven't peaked yet!

A producer from the Fusion Network reached out to me last week to see if I would be interested in appearing on their show Documental for a casual discussion on virginity and sexuality. OBVIOUSLY I said yes! So they're flying me to Miami Thursday night and putting me up in a fancy hotel for two nights.


Bonus: I haven't seen one of my best friends and sorority sisters in 4 1/2 years. She lives in Miami, and she's not working on Friday. So she's going to stay at the fancy hotel with me both nights, and if we can get it okayed, she's coming to the studio with me on Friday to watch the taping.


Anyway, I'm really excited. I'm fudging a few details with people in person, and I'm not saying anything on my blog/twitter. But I'm like, beside myself with excitement, and I had to share with my Groupthinkers.