It is not even 8PM and I am very DRUNK! I am bab over achiever lik theat. It's awesome. Although I drnak all of my borther's wine so he's gongi to be very pissed and me.

Dick move Ninjaf Cate. dick move.

Oh well. It is awsome. I do not drink nerarly enough.

Also, I toatly just drunk dialed liket 4 people, including the guy I'm seeing from OKCupid who is SMEXY! He's has gorgeous eyes. He's so bearutiful!

Thnkfulyl he's nice and think's it's hailatiourso taht it sonly took one glass of wine to do me in. I'm a lightweight. I should drink more to fix that.

I'm so dixzzy. It's fn.

Did you know tehere's a wikipedia page for durunk dialing? It's not very cool though. Or very long. Notething interesting.


But it was still fn!

Also the OKC guy is going to Ireland to play rugby for 2 week.s Taht' sbum sme out. He' sha shsas pretty yeses. I like him. He's fute.



don't jude mge GT! I don't have a very hight otler erance for alcohol and I didn't evat today. That was dumb.


I'm so sleepy byt ANTM us tonight! It's doesn't start untlil 8! How aill iI stay up that thlong?

need tinseomse rbooyty tooching TyRA! Thy'regon to t Balu this wweek adn Renee from the show is from Trinidad! She's aaeseom! I hopes ehse wins. Sh'se gorgerous. I lvoer her.


OKay. Nap time. Night GT!

ETA: STOP ALUGHING AT ME! I can hear you in my mind! Also I tesiste my andle from dancint to Janelle Monae. I regrest nothing. her album is amfaincew.


Now my itunes shuggled to Asealia Bafk.s I like that less. I'll change it. But no, I like this aonfs. I'm SO DRUNK! omg... I should probalby go to bed. But it's way tomore fnun lto hancly with you guys! drink dancing tins the best!