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So this is a totally inane and very dull work drama, but I’m just so happy I dont have to deal with it that I am basking in the schadenfreude.

So there was an admin for the company CEO who threw a project in my lap to handle because she got frustrated with it. Basically this guy (who lives across the country and I never even knew existed before this project) had an old computer, got it replaced, and needed all of his stuff moved over. Not technically my job, but he said IT wouldn’t do it, so fine.


I spent two weeks trying to figure out what the hell to do, waiting for both him and his manager to get back to me with the information I needed. He uses a bunch of made up jargon that doesn’t sound anything like the company’s jargon, so he’s a pain in the ass. Then he got frustrated and decided to loop literally every person he has ever spoken to about this issue into a huge Reply All email.

Eventually I finally managed to get in touch with IT guy who was in charge of this project. He explained to me that this doofus basically ignored all of the emails from IT and went to the CEO’s admin for help, who didn’t know what the hell to do, which is how I ended up with it.

Anyway, so IT replied back to everyone telling him what he needs to do, and you would think that’s the end of it. It is now a month later, and he’s looping everybody back into his emails again because he refuses to send back his old computer, claiming the new one doesn’t work. So now I’m just reading these huge chains of people yelling at this guy because he somehow finagled a total of 3 computers into his possession and still can’t seem to get any of them to work.

Part of me wants to reply all and ask them to take me off the chain, but the other part just really enjoys watching this guy get his ass handed to him by multiple people.

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