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1) Ecofair. starts tonight.

2) Book and cake sale. tomorrow morning. it's for charity! meanwhile, ecofair continues.

3) Steampunk convention. I blame my friend who told me about it for all the money I might be spending on quirky earrings and stuff. also, it's at a train museum.


good things that cost me nothing: I experienced the workplace gym sauna today. naturally, I was the only person in the ladies' sauna. there's a sing on the door that says that going to the sauna alone is not allowed *baffled Estonian expression*. then I realised why saunas back home never have any signs like that, it's because the saunas are always full of people anyway and if anybody starts feeling bad there are other people around to see it. and because most people are seasoned sauna-ers anyway and know their body and tolerance levels. so I broke the rules and went in alone. nobody gets between me and an empty sauna.

there were series of informative pictures and texts on the wall outside to ensure a good communal sauna experience for the uninitiated and most of them were totally rational to me (wash yourself first, don't stay in too long, have a cold shower inbetween, go cool off for awhile, etc) but then there was a 'have a warm footbath' one, cue *baffled Estonian expression number two*. what's up with that?

anyway, I will now start keeping a towel on standby at my office whenever a urge to skip to the sauna takes me during lunch or after work. like tonight.


that's a sauna-ish enough gif, right?

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