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TW: Body talk, weight gain (no numbers or sizes)

It finally happened. I breathed in too deeply in one of my shirt dresses and the button popped off the front. It's time to lose some weight.

I've been steadily gaining weight over the last few months. It's been a slow progression; one I haven't really noticed because I wear a lot of looser-fitting clothing. The shirtdress I was wearing used to be loose in the chest but the buttons have been pulling for little over a month. I was blaming laundry shrinkage but now I can't deny that it's definitely me getting bigger.


The second sign and real catalyst for this sudden realization of unhealthy weight gain was that I was completely winded after cleaning out a closet last night with my mom. "Cleaning" amounted to standing and sorting papers for about a half hour. I got winded from that. I had to sit down and recover from that. That isn't fit or healthy for my body. Gaining weight, for my body, means I'm not exercising and I'm eating too much. My body is not healthy when it's fat.

The dress button popping off and the winded-from-closet-cleaning have inspired me to get off my ass and start exercising again. I don't like the way my body feels right now. I don't like that my clothes don't fit properly right now. I don't like that I can't breathe in my clothes without them exploding off of me.

So I've written this and put this here so that I no longer have excuses. I am not fit. I would like to be again. TO THE TREADMILL! (And fun dancexercise videos!)

ETA: Also should get on the GT fitness thread like I said I was but haven't been doing.

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