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I'm gross - another one of those posts on failing at adulting

So, my boyfriend's dad is going to come visit in a week, which means it's time to do a big clean-up of our apartment, because nobody has to know how me live. Well, this morning, we gathered up all the garbage, did some sweeping, tidied up in general, mopped, and guys, I'm really ashamed. Do you know how many garbage bags we filled? Guess. Okay, give up? Ten. We filled ten garbage bags full of crap. Empty bottles, wrappers, paper towels, empty beer cans, old food. Who lives like this?

It's not like we never take out the trash. We do regularly, but stuff that doesn't start to smell if it's left out still somehow accumulates, I guess because we suck. Blah. The last time we did a big clean-up was in September, when my mother was visiting, so not even that long ago.


Now, we're going to relax and then the boyfriend is going to show me how to play Warhammer 40K again and kick my ass, because he gives me crappy units. How have you failed or succeeded at adulting today?

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