You guys, I think I will probably have to get rid of my cat and I'm really heartbroken over it. He's had some behavioral issues - he's aggressive with my dog but mostly it's the fact that he pisses all over the house. I'm pretty sure it's not medical (and yes, we have three liter boxes). I'd take him to the vet first to make super sure there's nothing wrong with him but I'm pretty broke right now. I just gave over a bunch of money to my sister to help her out and now I have just enough to make bills.

He peed on the couch and all over my husband's clothes last night. And it got on section of carpet. He's ruined a car seat in the past 3 weeks. He has clean liter boxes to use, he's been neutered for years, we've tried those hormone plug-ins…I don't know. I can't keep coming home to cat piss messes (they take a lot of effort and rounds of vinegar and baking soda to clean up) and my husband has had it.

I'm crying and trying not to be irrational but I think it'll be the end for him. Who would adopt an adult cat that's kind of needy and pees everywhere? I'm really upset.

Please don't give me advice on cleaning solutions, that's not what I need. I need my cat to stop ruining our things and peeing everywhere.

ETA: I just put in an order for a Feliway refill. Maybe this will work this time.