Last night, I drove home from Cute Boy Person's parents' house. I started having some sort of attack, allergy or otherwise, and I drove two hours without being able to focus my eyes well enough to read the road signs. I could focus well enough to see the lines in the road and the other cars, but it was really not OK. Cute Boy Person doesn't know how to drive my car but I had to try to get away from their Christmas tree, which could be causing my attack. I figured that if it got too bad on the road, I would insist on a motel room. On a two hour trip.

Anyway, I parked my car around the corner as usual last night but the zone that I have to use on Sunday nights is 4 hour residential on weekdays, so I had to go out to move it at noon. I got up around 11, took caffeine pills, and went out to move my car. I'm still dizzy and having trouble focusing my eyes, but I needed to pick up cross stitch fabric to make presents and also avoid getting a ticket. I decided to move my car in front of my apartment for a hour and hope that I felt better enough for a drive to the fabric store after that.

There's a boot on my car.


Apparently, I have 5 parking tickets. I thought I had 3. I don't recall getting a ticket for the other two. My registration is expired due to a problem with the insurance, which means a trip to the DMV and a fee there. I also have to check to make sure that my insurance problem is fixed, which may be another $100. And then I have to go pay $250 to get the boot removed. Plus, one of the tickets may have already been paid and I have to find documentation on the paid ones to verify so I don't double pay just to bail the car out... again. The paperwork was moved during The Cleansening and I don't know where it is. I have 60 hours to get this all fixed.

I don't have money for any of this.

And I just can't deal with this right now. I'm dizzy. I have very little energy. I can only focus on things if they are the right distance from my face. My glasses make that worse. I took a water pill because I'm hoping that I'm retaining water in my eyes and ears (again) but right now I can't even manage talking to CBP on the phone.


I just cannot with this shit. Cannot.