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I'm having a hard time making it through today

I've made it to the bathroom to cry every time though. I just feel so sick to my stomach. I was ok for about a week and then this.
I thought I was ok after my D&C. I really did. My best friend writes me from Korea with excitement because she's pregnant and I'm really, actually, very happy for her. One of my two friends in town is also pregnant and wants to hang out this weekend to knit and crochet baby things. I almost threw up after reading the email. I am actually happy for my friends, so this sucks. I wish I wasn't reacting this way and I'm trying really hard not to.
My husband's birthday is today and now that it's been two weeks, we can intercourse again but I just feel like a squishy pile of unsexy garbage. I just want to barf and cry ~ even with all the sweet and sexy emails he's been sending me all day.


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