Because they just, apparently, accepted ANOTHER anti-choice group as a partner, this one a growing chain of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

First, it was “New Wave Feminists”, a pseudo-feminist group consisting of the hip daughters of the shitbags who harass patients at clinics.

Then it was “And Then There Were None”, a group that tries to “minister” to providers and clinic staff - notably founded by an ex-PP employee who had two safe, legal abortions but now wants to stop anyone else from having the same.

And then it was Stanton Healthcare, a CPC that has been offering more and more medical services in an effort to “replace” Planned Parenthood, BUT DOES NOT EVEN OFFER CONDOMS OR BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, ONLY “EDUCATION” ON THE RHYTHM METHOD.

HOW DO THEY KEEP FUCKING UP SO SERIOUSLY? I’m so fucking glad I have not given them any money because they just do not seem to give a shit. Meanwhile, actual feminist activists who have been working on serious issues for years will be ignored and overshadowed by fucking Bob Bland.