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I know that moving to Colorado is personally and professionally a really good thing for me to do. And I haven’t been happy with Chicago for a long time. But I also haven’t been miserable and it’s home. I’m so, so sad to leave. I’m going to miss my friends, and my family, and my city so much. I’m not feeling any happiness or enthusiasm about my new adventure, and I really thought I would. But the closer and realer it gets, the more I feel like it’s the worst thing I will ever, ever do.

I know I can move back if I want. And I know Chicago and Illinois are in the crapper. But...I’m just really sad. Please tell me that change is a good thing and it’s admirable and brave to leave your comfort zone. Please tell me that it’s ok and I’m ok and I will be ok and I will actually thrive and eventually be happy there.


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