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I'm having a moment.

Oh, hi guys! I hope you all had splendid holidays :-)

I'm having a moment. A tearing up, lip quivering, just want to crawl under the covers and snuggle with a small child (luckily I have one of those) kind of moment.


My boyfriend came out for Thanksgiving, and it all went great, actually. But I am overcome with anxiety because....god knows. My mom is in an emotional state because my ex "wept" in her arms when my son mentioned that he, my BF and I had gone for pizza together. So she's all wigged out about just about everything, thinks it's all too soon and pretty much seems like she wants to crawl into the fetal position and sleep for a week.

My grandmother, who is a nasty, bitter, bitch, has decided that she's not coming back for Christmas because our family is in "upheaval." I will go ahead and take credit for that.

My dad is bitching because there is now nothing happening for Christmas. And it's all my fault, apparently. "I have nothing to look forward to." Okay, you whiny, pouty man with absolutely no perspective.

My BF told me today that while he was here he finally saw and understood how everyone's needs/wants/disappointments/anger/etc, including his own, weigh over my life like a fog. And that he doesn't want to contribute to that anymore.


Oh and my ex just texted me about a song about some chick who is with someone but she doesn't love him and it breaks her heart, or something.

So, back to the curling up and sleeping with a small child, I think I will do just that.


BUT, I do hope you all had fabulous and wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving/Chanukah celebrations.

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