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I'm having a shitty week

Adorable gifs or entertaining youtube videos would be appreciated.

It’s been a perfect storm over here.

We’re in the process of selling our house, and finally got two offers after a month on the market. What luck! They raised their bids, we took the better one, but then they backed out after the inspection, despite there being nothing really shocking about it as far as I can tell - normal old house stuff and stuff we disclosed. I think they got cold feet for some reason and were looking for an excuse. Luckily we’re onto the backup offer now, but if I had anxiety about the first inspection, double it now.


Lildamnhero and I got colds, which means he’s not sleeping, which means I’m not sleeping, which means I’m not recovering as well as I could if I could get some goddamn sleep. We did better last night when I just took him to bed with me, but better doesn’t mean good.

But the worst thing is that lildamnhero has a horrendous rash on his face that’s different from his normal eczema (which I’ve been mostly managing ok for almost two years now). Multiple visits to the dermatologist, so many creams, and this last week it’s just gotten horrible. I think the diagnosis is probably right, perioral dermatitis - which seems to be linked to steroid use, which means we had to discontinue it, which now I’m wondering if his eczema is now flaring too on top of the perioral business? And when you look it up, information about it is scant. No one knows really anything about it except that topical and oral antibiotics seem to help, eventually. I don’t know, we’ve been on so many fucking cream plans and he’s so miserable and itchy this week and his whole face is shockingly red... I had nightmares last night about his skin falling off. If his face is still horrifying after this weekend with no improvement, I think I’m going to concede to the dermatologist’s suggestion of oral antibiotics (2-3 month course). I keep thinking about how if I could take it from him, I’d do it in an instant. It’s so fucking heartbreaking when I have to keep telling him not to scratch it, and he’s so frustrated and begs me to ”fix it”. I’m trying so hard to, and failing.


The news doesn’t help either.

Any advice or attempts at cheering up appreciated.

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