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I commute across the longest bridge in the world (no, really - well the longest bridge over water, that is), and so I was told not to come in and to work from home because of weather. Also even the people who don’t make that commute aren’t going in because their kids are all out of school.

I work from home frequently but due to a random set of occurrences this is like day 5. My husband has been out and busy and it’s just me and my weirdo fucking dog. I love her but she’s fucking weird man. She’s making me weird. I’m becoming weird.

It doesn’t help that I spent most of my weekend working on a painting and then didn’t go out much because I’m feeling a little sick still from Mardi Gras.


I think I’m going to lose my shit. I can’t work like this anymore! My house is a mess and I’m almost like, I’m just going to clean my house, fuck work. Then I feel guilty about all the work I promised I’d get done today. BUT I have a snow flood/rain/tornado day and so does everyone else so like, how much am I REALLY expected to get done.

I think this might just be a lost day.

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