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I'm High Maintenance, And That's Okay

I never realized how high-maintenance I could be until I stopped bothering. I've been too overwhelmed by the West African climate to even comprehend a beauty regimen. Too concerned with staying hydrated and cool, I went around more bare-faced than usual.
There's nothing wrong with going around without makeup, but that doesn't feel right for me. I usually leave the house with at least a swipe of eyeliner or something on my lips. I only go without makeup if it's not allowed like for a labor-intensive job.
It's been a few weeks, and I'm starting to get used to the climate. Heck, I even wear jeans on occasion!I've also started going to the salon. Prices are relatively cheap compared to the states, so I can afford to go to the salon every week when I start to lose my hairstyle.Today, I will be providing myself with makeup, so I plan to have more than just lipstick and eyeliner available.
Women who wear lots of makeup, dress in nice clothes, and always go to the salon are often considered "high maintenance". I think there is an unfair stigma against being "high maintenance". Maintaining a stylized appearance takes time and energy, and the benefits are just as rewarding as time and energy put into the mind. Knowing that you are appearing as an attractive, feminine, woman gives you a societal advantage. It's not a fair advantage, but an advantage nonetheless.
When a man complains about high maintenance women, it annoys me. Just being a conventionally attractive woman requires maintenance. Also, the maintenance they complain about is also fun for some women. It's building a skill and also pampering oneself. I find nothing to complain about enjoying such activities.
Let's stop splitting up women into categories of High Maintenance and Low Maintenance. While we're at it, let's stop splitting up women into categories altogether. There are so many things that make us different and show our value as people, and it isn't based on how comfortable we feel in makeup.


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