Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm home!

So, of course I got posting privileges while I was out of town for a week without reliable internet access. Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome on my celebratory first post! I'm back home now and, while the heat is pretty terrible, I could not be happier. Our poor dog hadn't seen Little in so long (two months!) it took him several minutes to realize who he was barking at. Then he felt bad and made it up in cuddles. I had a hard time getting him out of her bed after we tucked her in. The cats, of course, seemingly couldn't care less. This month holds a lot of promise: kiddo starts high school, I already have two bakery orders lined up, and I'm pushing to get some products into a local store. I'll also be taking on the task of cooking for my uncle and grandmother several days a week-on top of bathing my grandmother and taking her out for an adventure at least once a week- so that should be interesting.

Anyway, just spilling what's on my mind today. Anyone else have interesting things lined up for August? New school year, new jobs, new adventures?


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