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The saga continues

My mom managed to track down my vespa, it was at the fire station near where I crashed. It might be leaking fluids and she called my insurance for me and I will hear back from them tomorrow probably. Who knows what coverage this will get. According to my mom there didn't look like there was too much external damage other than the damage that was there when I bought it (it was missing the front glove box and a portion of the foot rest was busted and it had a lot of scratches on the sides) I wont be too bent out of shape if there's external damage but I hope my insurance is willing to fix any engine parts that need fixing since the other driver fled the scene. That was really nice of the EMTs to keep it there, that station is very close to where I live. Since they found it in the morning they were able to move my car so I wouldn't get a ticket which was a big relief!


I'm excited to be able to wash my hair and get up mostly on my own. I'm using crutches now and I can do stairs although it's hard. I still don't have a clue how long recovery will take, I haven't gotten straight answers and every time the surgeon came by to see me it was early in the morning and I couldn't remember what I needed to ask. It's hard to keep everything straight.

ETA: shout out to FreeSampleThief for being a fellow insomniac and texting me at random hours of the night =)

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