Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm in a GOOD mood! Let's talk about good things!

Okay so I think I'm out of the depressive funk I've been in this week. It's the weekend, our friends are getting married tomorrow, I get to sleep in on Sunday since peep will be with my MIL. And ALSO the Madison meet up is happening next Saturday! I am giddy like a kid on Xmas morning.


BUT ALSO I just bought plane tickets for early May. We'll be heading to Charlotte with the peep to see my dad and stepmom. I'm a bit nervous about travelling with an infant but we went with a non stop flight. At 2 hours I'm not too concerned but you never know. And we're going to eat lots of delicious Southern food and we're going to see a bunch of awesome music (including my dad) and my stepmom offered to watch peep one night so we get a date night!! I AM SO freakin' excited.

What's been awesome for you this week GT?!

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