I double booked myself. I told one friend I’d go to an outdoor screening/dinner fun times for her birthday earlier this summer. Then I booked a trip to Seattle with another friend without checking my calendar.

Of course the Seattle trip fell on the same weekend that I promised my other friend I would do stuff with her on. I really want to go to Seattle with this other friend but I feel like it’s bad form and shitty friend thing to do to back out of plans we made a few weeks ago because I double booked myself.

I also feel bad because the tickets are non-refundable and there is a $125 change fee. I wish I had taken the time to check my calendar before I booked anything. But it happened so fast. I’m never making travel decisions on a whim again.

If I choose the Seattle thing, I’d be going back on a promise I made awhile ago plus missing a special movie outing (they are only playing that particular film which has sentimental value for us that one weekend) that we’ve been wanting to go to since they announced the schedule. If I choose the birthday thing, I’m essentially screwing myself and my friend out of ~$300 because of the cost of flights and change fees.

Seattle friend is friends with birthday friend but she doesn’t see birthdays as that big of a deal. I told her that it isn’t so much the birthday as it is I promised Birthday friend that I’d go out with her that weekend. ETA: Also that weekend is the only weekend we hang out at that particular event.


I made an expensive mistake that could have been avoided by checking my goddam calendar.

What would you guys do?