I'm wondering if I'm crazy for kind of wanting to make some appetizers instead of hiring a caterer. We only have about $150 for food, and it doesn't seem like we could get much from a caterer for that anyway. We have an estimate for about 50 people, and we're not trying to feed anyone dinner, just give them a bite while we host an informative presentation. (So, it's not really even a party but a casual industry get together.)

I feel like some bruschettas and a cheese and a cured meat spread wouldn't be that hard to put together myself along with some halloween candy and cookies (which have been requested since the party is on the 30th.)

So, GT, what are your favorite appetizer recipes that are easy to put together, transport and set up for a casual party? Should I hire someone to do this and spare myself the trouble?

Bonus points for a fun Halloween/Autumn themed punch recipe! I kind of want to make a spiked cider, but I also want to put the punch in a bowl with dry ice to play up the spooky theme.