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I'm in pieces

My sister is living in Paris. She sent me a message saying she was safe. I called my dad. He didn’t know anything about it, because he’s been in hospital all evening with my mum. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago and is doing well, but had to go in tonight because she had a temperature. I start panicking and generally worrying about mum and sister. And then my sister called. Turns out, when she texted me she was safe and I assumed that she was safe at home with her host family, she was actually out with friends. In a bar. A street away from one of the shootings. She just didn’t want to frighten me, and waited until she was safe in a friends house before calling. She was *so* close to it all and she sounded so terrified on the phone. And it's all still ongoing so I won't be satisfied that she's safe until she's home in the UK tbh. I’m having a really hard time stopping myself going over the possibilities and what ifs and bouncing between crying about my mum and about my sister. And BoyFloreat? Who is usually so kind and caring and understanding about these things? He just keeps asking me for help on his masters application to a Parisian (!!) university because the deadline is in a few hours. I'm so sorry for venting on here. I just don't know what to do with myself. I feel so useless and frightened.


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