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I'm just going to crawl over here and hide under something

So most days I'm home and it's warm enough, I try to swim in my complex's pool for at least a few minutes, in large part to help my pup Buster get over his fear of water (basically he sits a few feet away and watches suspiciously while I swim).

Tonight while I was swimming and he was suspiciously circling the pool (hey, it's progress!), a couple came by with their little dog, and we had a good five-minute conversation while Buster and their dog said hello. It was very nice, and I swam away happily reflecting on how many more of my neighbors I've met since I adopted Buster...

...and then I realized that my left tit had fallen entirely out my bathing suit.


I knew that my suit was stretched out, but I didn't realize the situation had become so dire. I was kind of up against the edge at the deep end of the pool, so I don't think I was flashing them the entire time, but I also swam over to them, and ARGH. SO EMBARRASSING.

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