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[SLEEPY] I'm Just Gonna Post Some Random Shit, You Should Too!

Ok, so, y'all had fun. Oscar, The Wizard Of The Mission District Represent and I did a good job at fixing y'all. Now y'all duke it out and one person will leave alive. So help me Yeezus.

So, have a blast!



Second post of the day, but, hey, this seems like a wine induced good idea. Let's all post random stuff because, hey, it's Friday! Pictorial and gif-toiral form. Those are the rules. It might, you know, awake your subconscious. Who knows?



Note: The thing that looks like YouTube recommendations are my actual YouTube recommendations...help me.


Ok, so...that's me. This could be fun. Let's all feel the love-post a bunch of crap and psychoanalyze each other based on it! Random! Spurr of the moment! Somewhat in an altered state, be it internally induced or externally induced!

I don't even know, but I know my heart is with y'all. But based on my choices...I'm a Bro trapped in an unassuming body, with some issues with sanity, and from Natty Lite Asgard. who I am, so you tell me, I tell you sooner or later because bedtime and baths, or everyone else tell everyone else because this is amazing.

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