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I'm just holding on right now.

I don't know why. Well, I'm trying to quit smoking so maybe that but I wanna fight and smoke and drink and eat and wallow in depression and anger! Depression because I know nothing will solve anything.

The truck's driver's side window exploded on Husband's trip back to Wisconsin last week so now the door won't open, it sounds like a Harley, and there's no driver's side window.

I'm down to 5 or so cigs a day opposed to the 15 or so I was at last Wednesday. I almost said fuck it and bought another pack (I've made some sort of unofficial pact to not by cigs after the last of this carton is done and I don't bring cigarettes when I leave the house) but bought an e-cig instead.


I'm almost committed to nannying for a woman in the suburbs next Thursday but it's 2 hrs away (commute) and if have to get a dog Walker/doggy day care and it's still only 12 an hour and it's fucking far away but not really since I live in a city and...

Fuck fuck fuck!

Or it could all be pms. Fuck. And Madison just attacked Link. Probably. Yep.

Who else thinks everything sucks?

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