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I'm Just Saying--The Real Actual* Daniel Craig Shows Up; GROUPTHINK GOES DOWN

As you all know by now, this weekend was the scene of a very remarkable occasion here on Groupthink.

This was done through a serious of inceptioning matrixes and the combined positive thought powers of the commenting community, utilizing The Secret and many other powerful totally not-bullshit tools.


And as we know, the real actual* Daniel Craig did show up, possibly shirtless while waiting for a plane to Argentina. The real actual Daniel Craig discussed in great detail with me things like his abs and his pecs and also how good he looks shirtless.

It was almost less than 24 hours after the real actual Daniel Craig showed up in that thread that Groupthink went down.


Is this is just a 'coincidence,' as 'they' would have us believe? Or is this is a sign of some deeper, vast conspiracy?

What really happened? Could the powers of a shirtless Daniel Craig really have been too much for the servers contain? Did Nick Denton, fearing a shirtless Daniel Craig takedown of his media empire, collude with ISP companies and pull the plug on Groupthink? What about the Lizard People? How are they involved?


I will not rest until I get to the bottom of this. I, BRIMSG, award-winning dedicated Internet Blog Commenter and Investigator, have taken a solemn oath to get to the bottom of this very troubling situation. I will not rest. I am dedicated to exposing the truth to you, that the media and my court-appointed psychiatrist don't want you to hear.

Please follow Groupthink for ongoing updates on this very important story. Thank you.


(*totally the real Daniel Craig. #truth)

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