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So, Kinja seems to have eaten my opening paragraph, so I'll try and give it another go. Um...I was saying that last year, I watched Game of Thrones for the first time, around the airing of the red wedding, because people wouldn't shut up about it. I didn't like it until about a week after I finished. I figured out why it should be appreciated. And now, HBO had a free sample weekend, and aired all 30 episodes repeatedly. I taped them and I started my marathon, a day after everyone else's ended. Ah well.

It's strange, watching the beginning. Everyone's fairly happy. Most of them talk about what they dislike, which we now know is exactly what they're going to get. It's a show about misery, and it's strange to see everyone out from under that weight. It does clear up the things I missed from lacking attention the first time. This show is dense. There's a lot of detail and subtlety, hiding behind all the orgasms and boobs. The fun part, really, is seeing my favorite characters be awesome, in the time before I recognized their awesomeness.

  1. I love how much the characters change when they are apart, so that when they meet up again, they are completely different people. All of them. It's fantastic.

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