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Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s review time at my work. I’ve been waiting for this because I took a leadership role last year, so I was expecting a raise to senior level. Plus a decent bonus and raise. This is how my review just went, and I’m paraphrasing cause I’m angry and probably won’t remember verbatim -

Boss: I think if you were to go for a Master’s we’d feel more comfortable giving you a senior role.

Me: So you want me to take out loans ...just so I can get a modest raise and title change.


Boss: You’ve been here for over a year, so we will pay a portion of it. As long as you remain with us while you study.

They really...they really asked me to go back to school full time while also keeping a full time job. Oh and they only pay like 10% per semester so it’s nothing. These fuckers seriously want me to take out like a 100k loan...so I can get a title change (cause again I’m already IN a leadership role “unofficially”)... all for like a 5k raise.

Yeah, I’m quitting. I already interviewed somewhere else and they’re willing to give me the title and a WAY better salary.

I didn’t wanna switch jobs right now because I feel like a recession is coming, and I felt safe at my old place but yeah. Fuck this. Fuck corporate America. I can’t believe a human being looked me in the eye and told me that bullshit. This is why they have such a hard time hiring people. Whatever. I was stupid for staying at this place as long as I did.


Edit: And you know what...I think that was their fucked up attempt at keeping me. Cause if I go back to school that’s like 3-4 years guaranteed, cause why would I leave if they’re (partially) paying me to go to school. The more I think about it the angrier I get. 

How are your work reviews going, GT?

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