which made me think of y'all, of course. But due to the public nature of this post, before I show it to you, I'm going to put up a different image for the article list and give you this nice warning: not safe for sane people: graphic depiction of yiffing.

I've been hunting on Wikimedia's Creative Commons archive, since the images there come with attribution and licensing but are free to use. Many of them are scientific drawings intended for public use. Others are historical pieces or historical art that has an expired copyright and is free to use. And some of them are uploaded by their creator for everyone to use.

Some of that last group is pretty terrible, such as the above featured "And now for something completely different - a Scotsman being hit with a pie." And some of that last group is like this:

I'm just trying to find graphics for my website that match the drawing in my icon! I didn't intend to go down the wikipedia image hole! Why wikimedia commons user? Why?


ETA: Apologies to anyone who is into yiffing but why is it happening in an art gallery on a pedestal? I'm so confused!