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I'm MadPiglet, and This Is How I "Work"

This is Mission Control. Everything in my life is organized from this spot.

Here's what you can see:

My laptop, my checkbook, two pens (about 3% of the total pens that are usually around) the tablet (which is sitting on top of my tiny bluetooth speaker), two water bottles, the remote that switches the overhead lights on and off (usually), the top of last night's bottle of wine, and WeePiglet's version of Mission Control over to the right side there. You can also see the cake stand that I can't seem to find a home for, and on the very sunny windowsill, there is Carl.


This is where I sit. This is where all my stuff lives. This is the seat from which my empire is run. This... is my spot. To my left is the living room area. To my right is the entryway and the steps leading down to the basement. Behind me is the kitchen.

From my front windows, I can spy on the weird neighbors across the street. I can see what's going on with the people catty-corner from us (the son set the house on fire accidentally a couple of years ago. From what I heard, he had JUST broken the news that his girlfriend was pregnant so he went outside after that convo, had a cigarette and flicked the butt into the mulch which set the house alight. Good times), and I can see when the mailman comes, even though the dogs will let me know. We have a hummingbird feeder out front and sometimes I see those.

When someone is sitting in my spot (probably to use my laptop), I get all twitchy. MY SPOT NO TOUCH.

What do I actually DO in my spot? I start Facebook fights. I organize WeePiglet's girl scout troop. Sometimes I pay the bills. I research recipes for food and beer. I harass my husband via email because he doesn't respond to my texts, ever. I read up on library news and do other trustee-related stuff, because I still can't believe I am on the board and doing Good Things for my town. I write things that will never see the light of day. I write snotty comments on Gawker Media blogs. I write inane GT posts.


It's Friday! Let's be inane!

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