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I moved into my university accommodation a little over a week ago, and I already love it here. I love the people and the parties and the independence, and I thought I loved my little room. I like that it's small, because it stops it from feeling lonely and empty, and all my stuff fits in surprisingly well. The only problem is the temperature. The whole building is boiling hot; opening the front door is like walking into a sauna, and our flat is so stuffy it's sometimes hard to breathe, and I think my room might be the worst. I have a radiator that I've turned right off, but it's still a little warm, and the pipes that lead to it are permanently scalding hot (these pipes lead around the wall that my bed is against). Also we aren't allowed to open the windows more than a crack because of health and safety. The last couple of nights I've barely slept, I've just spent them in a sort of alcohol fuelled, hot, sweaty stupor. Doing anything other than sitting perfectly still causes me to sweat copiously. The building maintenance site where we have to report issues is currently down, and apparently because it's a 'non-emergency' we have no choice but to wait until it' back online. Even then there's no guarantee they'll do anything about it.

Also I'm coming down with freshers flu, just in time for the start of my course.

But hey, I've been on nine consecutive nights out, I'm pretty proud of that!


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