Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How often would you say you're busy? I have often met people that seem to claim to be busy "all the time", but when I look at my own life I rarely ever see myself as a busy person. It could be because I'm single and have no kids, but I've been hearing this talk about being busy all the time from other people since high school.

Once a month I may have a busy week that involves doing more than just going to work; meeting someone after for projects, volunteering, socializing, or maintaining my living space. But honestly, most of my time is just spent hanging out. I keep my house clean, I cook when I feel like it, I get plenty of sleep, and I generally don't do anything a majority of the time. Add in working out and that kills maybe an hour. I don't get it, how is everyone so busy and what am I not doing?


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