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My parents got into a huge fight tonight. That's the lovely thing about living at home, hah. Anyway, my mom went INSANE over a comment my dad made, and it took a toll on her body, and I feel bad for her. My dad isn't the violent or loud type, so he kinda just took all the yelling and stomping and screaming she did (my mom has A LOT of anger issues). They're both to blame. I'm literally exhausted right now after trying to appease both of them, trying to be there for my little sister who got really scared over this, etc. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I tried to keep upbeat and brought comedy into the situation to make everyone feel better, but it's been hard. My parents fight over stuff a lot, but when there's a blowout like this, it's not fun at all. They have one of these every few months. I don't know what's going to happen from this point on, but I guess I'm glad I can be here for my sister because I'm 22 and so over my parents fighting all of the time. But my sister is still young and already has a lot of self-esteem issues...don't want her to deal with this on her own.


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