I'm sure this won't be, but just in case, please don't mainpage. Trigger maybe for scary bad people.

I was driving home from the grocery store tonight when a guy pulled out into my lane and almost hit me. I had to slam on my brakes, and he was within an inch of my car. I wasn't sure if he had bumped me or not. He wouldn't move, and was freaking out and I could tell he was yelling, so I motioned for him to back up so I could keep going. He did, barely, and I wedged around him. I was almost home.

The guy fucking FOLLOWED ME HOME. I, being naive and stupid, opened my car door because I thought maybe we hit after all, and he wanted to exchange information. He came up to my car and started screaming at me. He told me he was going to break my fingers. He told me that if he were a killer, I would already be dead. I was shaking and crying. I kept asking why he followed me. I kept telling him to go away. He kept screaming at me and threatening to break my fingers. He told me he followed me because his six year old son was in the car and I could have hurt him. But he pulled into my lane without looking. I don't understand why he thought this was my fault.

He wouldn't leave, until someone pulled up next to me, and he bolted. The man who pulled up turned out to be my next door neighbor. (I don't know my neighbors at all.) He advised that I move my car, and waited with me and walked me up. Then he got his wife, who gave me a hug and told me I could come over if I need anything, and that he would be a witness if I made a police report, which they advised that I do. My husband is out of town, and I am so freaked out. I called my best friend, who is at work, and her husband is coming over to sit with me to make a police report. The man told me he lives in the complex and that's why he decided to follow me. Tomorrow when the apartment office is open I will go in and report to them too, to see if I can find out who this guy is.

I have a hard time going out by myself as it is. Now I am just so freaked, and so scared, and I know a police report won't do anything because I don't have any info on the guy. But I have to do something, and maybe hope it matches another incident report so they can figure out who it is.


*Update: BFF's husband just hung out and talked with me for a few hours, helped me calm down and feel safer. We realized it would be better to talk to the office before filing a police report, because the office might be able to figure out who the guy is.