Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm never making students use blogs again.

I thought it was a brilliant move on my part to have students use blogs instead of notebooks for their reading logs (I teach developmental reading at a University); I wouldn't have to carry around a bunch of heavy notebooks, they couldn't forget their notebook, and they couldn't just write all their entries the day before they are due, because there are datestamps for blog posts. However, it has been a disaster since day one. Turns out, most of my students are completely technologically illiterate (I thought the youth were all about the interwebs), which means it took at least two weeks to make sure most of the class had a working blog (most of them kept sending me the basic URL to blogger or wordpress, instead of their unique URL). In addition, is a constant struggle to determine if they are just being slackers and not making journal entries or if they just don't know how to post in their blogs.

Any of your teacher-types out there come up with a good response-journal (or short response) format that assures they are doing the work (or identifies those who are not), and isn't tedious for you to grade?


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