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I'm not a bad mom for counting the hours until school starts, right?

191 hours.

The kids have actually been really good all summer. They rarely fought. They stayed out of my way. They didn't guilt trip me if I forgot to feed them.


What's been killing me is the lack of privacy. My office is in the living room because we simply do not have an extra room to spare. Back when my youngest was little, this worked out well. I could keep an eye on her as I worked. Now that she's six? It just means that there are literally no barriers to her poking me and interrupting my train of thought. My son never bugged me, but he did spend hours doing donuts in his racing games.

Why can't I live in one of those wonderful places where the kids went back on August 2nd? Why must I live somewhere that insists on keeping to the Labor Day start due to some shitty amusement park?

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