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I'm not a fan of fiscal conservatives

I'm sorry, I get tired of people acting like somehow their belief systems are somehow reasonably ok because they accept certain things like same sex marriage and marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, they don't want to do anything about economic justice and poverty, as if that isn't a major dimension of social inequality. I remember that one of my friends once called Dick Cheney "one of the good ones" because he became a supporter of same sex marriage. He's not. Not good at all. In fact, his plundering (along with his compatriots) of the US infrastructure and economy should be consider criminal. This seems to be a common theme among many people I know. Maybe not to this extreme (liking Dick Cheney is like being friends with Voldemort) but you know what I mean.

I liked this tweet. Fuck fiscal conservatives. Screwing over the vast majority of Americans economically, supporting globalization and stripping social programs is not more acceptable just because they smoke weed.

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