Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

But I will accept all prayers, thoughts, virtual hugs, and encouragement. I have a broke foot, a high stress job, I haven't eaten breakfast, have had no coffee this morning, have serious marriage problems, and I'm currently at the ER with my husband who is having chest pains. Again.

UPDATE: Thank you all so much. Seriously. I was obviously busy and overwhelmed dealing with the situation to respond to everyone, but truly, thank you. It was so lovely while I was trying to distract myself seeing so many kind messages.


After all the tests, they let my husband go. Everything looked normal- they did EKG, blood tests, chest X ray, all that jazz. He had a full stress test less than 2 years ago, so the ER doc said it probably didn't need to be repeated since all his tests were normal this time. So...probably stress.

We haven't talked about our relationship since last week when the shit hit the fan. I thought that was a good idea, to give us time to cool off. I think we waited too long, judging by my hub's ER visit. Perhaps we should not have put it on hold quite so long. Anyway, we went and had late breakfast at Cracker Barrel (because you celebrate a non-heart attack with bacon, obviously), then came back to the house. I called my boss, took the rest of the day off, and we took a long ass nap. When we got up, we actually talked, and it was a good talk. Things aren't fixed, but are going to try to just talk. And talk. And maybe do some fun stuff together. No more sitting and stewing. And mister promised to try to talk to people about his feelings, because he doesn't confide in anyone because he's SO PRIVATE and a person who just buries bad feelings. He needs a support system, that includes people besides me. Alright, time to tuck in the kiddo.

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