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I'm not afraid to call dudes on their bullshit

So I was seeing this guy I met on OKC for awhile. He was cute and sweet and had an adorable cat. Three weeks ago he stopped responding to my texts.

We're facebook friends so I sent him the following message:

So even after we talked about communication being important, you're going to pull the 'ignore her until she gets the hint'? The minimum threshold of respect after you've been having sex with someone is to at least say 'sorry I'm not interested anymore'. It's really not very difficult and I would have been totally fine with that.


This move always really pisses me off because then the guy acts like the woman is crazy for continuing to contact him. Hey jerkface, if you don't let us know the situation has changed we will fucking text you. I have no problem calling a guy out and telling him that that shit is unacceptable and disrespectful. They get away with this because we've been socialized to not 'be a crazy girl' and confront a guy who is being shitty. Fuck that. I super don't care if a guy who will spend the night and cuddle and then can't be bothered to talk to me anymore thinks I'm crazy or a bitch. Bonus fuckery points because he identifies as a feminist ally.

I just think it's a shitty thing to do to someone, because when you text someone over a couple of weeks and get no response, you feel stupid. Don't make people feel like that. It's fucking rude.


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