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I'm not crazy, you're crazy

I’m currently combing through evidence for a complaint against a terrible doctor.

I have a recording of him explicitly saying he won’t treat me without a psychiatric assessment, then I have a recording of his office saying that the doctor said I didn’t need any such thing and nobody had ever asked me to do that, then I have a recording of the appointment I made after that, where they said they didn’t “believe” my psychiatrist’s assessment, and that they still wouldn’t treat me.

So I’m going to get that man fired. If not, I’m gonna scream so loud that you’ll all hear it from wherever you are. Honestly, get ready for the scream, I already know they won’t do shit no matter what he did to me.


But still. I have proof. I’m not crazy, and they lied to other doctors about me, and lied on my medical record about me. So they’re crazy, if they think I’m going to let that happen to me without a fight.

This post is pointless and I have no witty requests for your own experiences, because I desperately hope that none of you had ever even heard of such an insanely bad, gaslighting doctor.

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