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I'm Not Doing A Damn Thing Today

And it's going to be awesome.

Some of my family is in town to go to the state fair, so the house will be empty. I'm going to peruse the independent video store down the street, get some snacks at the frou-frou grocery store (um, they're having a cheese festival sale right now, can I get a HELL YEAH?) put my feet up, and hang out on the couch all afternoon. I think I might throw together some coconut chicken strips too.

I have a party to go to around 8, that should be fun and get me up and about later. I'm going to sloth it up until then though.


Also, unrelated, but I had the most AMAZING store bought gluten free brownies last night. They came from Whole Foods and the brand is just called "Wow!" Bakery or something like that. I'm not kidding though, these things were good. I basically though I'd bid adieu to any kind of good cake/cookie/brownie type of confection since going GF, but these little suckers restored my faith in humanity. Nom. Must stop myself from eating the rest for breakfast.

Also completely unrelated, but I think I might want to go to Sephora or Ulta later and pick up some new eyeshadow and what have you. I just dyed my hair black, and I never know how to shift my color palette in my makeup choices when my hair changes drastically. I'm basically as pale white as it gets when we're talking foundation colors, with blue eyes and black hair. It's fun. I can do a vampy/Snow White/retro thing, but I want some colors to wear on my eyelids that don't look scary.

What do y'all have planned for today?

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