Who here recommended Buttershots to me? Cuz I just had a big ass mug of cocoa with Buttershots in it, got a nice little buzz on, and want to say THANKS!

Homey and I call this "Cheddar's Wasted." Earlier this summer, we went to Cheddar's for dinner (do you have these in your area? they're utterly forgettable "American" restaurants) and I ordered their "Cheddar's Painkiller." It's a monster drink, with rum, coconut milk, and fruit juices:

It's rimmed with honey and toasted coconut (YUM).

So, I got this at like 4:30 on a Wed. afternoon and I got a pretty dang good buzz on one of these.

In the middle of the restaurant, when I realized how loopy I was getting, I started giggling. I, who rarely drink, was a pretty trashed at 4:30 on a weekday in a family restaurant at the mall. HA! Thus, Cheddar's Wasted—when I have only one drink and accidentally get a bit trashed.


Anyway, to the person who recommended Buttershots—thank you! My cramps went away and I'm happily sleepy. I hope y'all are feeling as relaxed as I am! Anyone else drankin'?