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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I just learned that a job I’m applying to in my exciting new location in the hinterlands has contacted my current employer for a reference. But I did not list my current employer as a reference. As as far how I found out, suffice to say someone wasn’t very smart.

I’m actually not terribly concerned about the quality of the reference, although I’m rather worried people will continue to not be very smart and I will see it and then I suppose I will know, hah. The reason I didn’t list them is I kinda feel bad and awkward about leaving, so I don’t want to rub it in right now with people calling for references.

I did not list them as a reference. Potential employer wouldn’t even know whether they know or whether I gave notice at this point. I did give 6 weeks, and as a professional a month notice is considered polite in this industry, but I know plenty of people who gave two weeks. And one person who has walked out on multiple jobs but this is not ok and she was... she has issues, I’ll put it that way.


I just feel like this is a breach of trust and confidentiality.

This particular job has some serious drawbacks and I was already leaning away, but now I’m leaning away so hard I might fall down. But am I off base? What do you think, GT?

ETA: This was coming up, so - I didn’t fill out an application where I checked a box about whether it’s ok to contact my current employer. I just gave them a list of references, and my current employer was not on it. Which I would think implies that I did not want them contacted, even if I didn’t explicitly say that at any point.

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