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My dog Hobie died today, March 28. He was 14 years old. He was a good dog until the end. My family adopted him when he was a puppy, back when he regularly destroyed things like TV remotes and newsletters. When we adopted him, we wanted to change his name, but the woman who fostered him had trained him so well that he would only respond to the name she had given him.

He would sometimes fish stuff out of the trash if it smelled like food, especially popsicle wrappers. My dog enjoyed doing things he thought he wasn't allowed to do, even though we humans did not care. He would sneak into my brother's unoccupied bedroom upstairs every night and jump on the bed to sleep there. He would only get on that bed when he knew (or thought) that all other humans were asleep. Every morning he made sure to not be in that bedroom when the humans awoke to feed him and take him for a walk.

I will miss feeling those beautiful brown eyes on me as I eat pizza. I've been in the habit for years of not eating pizza crust for the express reason to pass it along to my dog. Pizza crust was not only one of his favorite foods, but he could recognize the smell of pizza baking in the oven. He would then wait for me to take it out of the oven and sit himself in my eyeline, making sure I wouldn't forget to share.

He loved belly rubs and attention. He was rarely alone; he had five different kitty siblings throughout his lifetime. When he was 12, it became apparent that he was losing his ability to walk. It was a gradual process, but eventually he lost all feeling in his back legs and could only drag himself around by using his strong shoulder muscles. My family bought him a "cart," which is essentially a doggy wheelchair. It extended his life for more than a year.


I love my dog. I know he lived a good life, a very comfortable, happy life even, but the pain of losing him is still very fresh. It will be very hard to go home and not find him waiting in the kitchen for a treat, a belly rub, and a hello. I miss him already.