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But I will say that I am disappointed in most music use in films and TV shows.There are so many moments that, if I was in charge of the music for specific scenes or emotions needing to convey, I would choose something else. Mainly because sometimes the lyrics don't mix with the scene or that song has been used waaay too many times or I simply think this or that band conveys a certain feeling better than the more popular band that people default to. Anyway, here are my choices for music that you future screenwriters, movie makers, or sound-related folks could possibly use.

Falling In Love Montage

Do It Again-Camera Obscura

You want a cheerful melody? A song about love (and making it)? This is your song!I'd also suggest a lot of Camera Obscura's other upbeat songs (Honey In The Sun, French Navy, Let's Get Out of This Country), but this one is simple enough to apply to whatever the story calls for.


Badass Woman Doing Something Badass

Bad Girls-MIA

If you don't hear this song and not imagine the credits rolling after some spy movie involving a woman defeating some evil corporation with lots of explosions, then you are not having nearly as much fun as I am with this song.I can imagine this song being perfect for a suddenly female-driven version of Fast and The Furious(RIP Paul Walker etc.).


Our Main Character Is Depressed

Every Day Is Like Sunday- Morrisey

Nobody can express sorrow like Morrisey. This is the perfect song to express that Main Character A is not happy, and it just makes everyone excited to see the inevitable Manic Pixie Dream Girl/Boy come in and turn that frown upside down.Okay, maybe not everyone, but there is definitely a market for that kind of narrative.


Things Are Gonna Get Quirky!

Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)-Regina Spektor

You know that sad sack person moping around to Every Day Is Like Sunday? He needs a dose of this song. it's cheery,the lyrics are nonsensical if you don't listen to them (and who really listens to the lyrics in background music except me?), and it's perfect background music to doing perfectly quirky things, especially if it's in New York since there are shout-outs to some areas in New York that people will recognize. I sound like I'm not a fan of this song, but the truth is that I love this song very much. heck, I love all of these songs I'm listing.Perhaps I'm the Manic Pixie Dream Girl I'm looking for?


Rambling aside,share your soundtrack music, folks! What song conveys a specific emotion very well for the Big or Silver screen? What song are you sick of hearing conveying an emotion, on the flip side? What is your favorite use of soundtrack music to convey an emotion or theme? (Mine is Natural's Not It for the beginning of Marie Antoinette, but that's a different subject)

Have a great Friday!

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