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I'm not sure how I should feel about this

Eta : clearly shocked and sick to the stomach is the right way to feel here.. sorry for sharing such an image to the page, just wanted to learn more about the situation.

On my FB page I came across this post. I saw this and thought "well.. off course they do.." and then something turned in my stomach, is this a response to #blacklivesmatter? Or is it simply a means to (innocently) give support after the death of the 2 NYPD cops recently?


When I saw the rest of the page of the organisation who posted this (then shared by someone I know) it had things like 'one nation under god should always be part of the pledge' as well as 'children should always pray in schools' but also 'I support the decision to not indict darren wilson'. This got me thinking and this is why I'm reaching out.

In your opinion(s) is this a means of derailment? Is this a statement against #blacklivesmatter or is it something that (can or maybe should?) coexists with it?

As most of you know I am not located in the US and am usually spared these types of posts since most people I know are either very likeminded or don't feel inclined to share their views about certain issues. I feel uninformed regarding this but I wonder if my feeling of being ill-at-ease with this post is completely wrong or kind of right.

Is it naieve to hope that it's only supportive? Or cynical to think that it might not be?

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