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I'm Not Sure If I'm Allowed To Be Upset About This

But I'm really uncomfortable with the way people have been speculating on the mainpage about Bruce Jenner transitioning. I don't know anything about the man, and for all we know it could be true, but so far the idea seems to be "he wears a ponytail and had a facelift. He wants to be a woman!"

It makes me uncomfortable on two levels. If he is transitioning, then that's not something people should be using as fodder for a gossip rag. It's a difficult and personal decision, and having people gossip about it probably isn't helpful to a transitioning trans woman's mental health.

BUT, if he isn't transitioning, (which is more likely IMO) I also hate the idea that doing anything vaguely considered effeminate means that you want to be a woman. What kind of message does that send about the gender binary and traditional gender roles?


I'd love if someone with more experience weighed in, but it makes me very uncomfortable. There's a mocking tone to the "accusations" too. As in, "he wants to be a woman. That's HILARIOUS!" as though gender identity is a joke. I don't know, but I hate it. I feel like a gender transition is something that shouldn't be talked about publicly unless the person themselves is broaching the topic. Otherwise it feels like a serious breach of privacy. And with Dr. V's suicide, it feels really disrespectful and irresponsible to just casually throw around jokes about Bruce Jenner.

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