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I'm not sure what to make of it but

have y’all noticed that McCain is on an anti-Trump warpath right now? Let’s speculate wildly!


First off, I’m real sick of this innate instinct I have to cling to McCain (and sometimes Lindsey Graham) being like “Help me John McCain, you’re my only hope!”

For all his faults, McCain is very patriotic and I think he falls into an old-school category of Republican, which is “wanting the best for Americans and having a different view of what that is” rather than literally just trying to be a goddamn cartoon villain. Also, he is swimming like a salmon against his party. So that said, I don’t think he’s doing this for some sort of political gain. I mean, he’s old AF. His career is coming to its end.

Is he posturing himself to lead some sort of resistance? Why on earth would he be off across the world shit-talking our President? Then you kind of have Pence saying what I assume European leadership wants to hear, pretty much contradicting Trump but acting like Trump agrees.


The thing is that he followed McCain. I have to imagine that Pence was super mad about McCain’s statements yesterday?


I’m confused.

ETA - checkout this sick burn from the second link up there: “

As for why his Republican colleagues were not more vocal about demanding investigations of Trump’s Russian connections, McCain told Sherman pithily: “I frankly don’t know. It’s not a chapter of ‘Profiles in Courage.’

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