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Welcome To The Bitchery

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old title: I’m not usually one to like poetry

But this one sonnet moves me so much every time I read it.

Here it is:

Matilde, where are you? Down here I noticed,

under my necktie and just above my heart,

a certain pang of grief between the ribs,

you were gone that quickly.

I needed the light of your energy,

I looked around, devouring hope.

I watched the void without you that is like a house,

nothing left but tragic windows.

Out of sheer taciturnity the ceiling listens

to the fall of the ancient leafless rain,

to feathers, to whatever the night imprisoned;

so I wait for you like a lonely house

till you will see me again and live in me.

Till then my windows ache.

(Pablo Neruda)

edit: I have edited this post and bumped it because I’m really enjoying reading other people’s favorite poetry and thought maybe more people would like to join in. I hope that’s okay.


So, please, share away! If there’s music you feel fits the verse, share that too.

I think this is a good fit for the poem I shared:

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